IglooThese igloos are not only fun to build, they are sweet to the taste as well! the time to build a layer and give the igloo time to dry. the exact way to build an igloo, but my children had a blast. Older children can certainly try to use the methods explained in the book, and the video.


  • Sugar Cubes(one box = one igloo)
  • Cardboard
  • White Glue
  • White Paint

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

igloo2    igloo1    Igloo3   Igloo4


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Cover your cardboard with white paint. (If you're feeling extra crafty use Puffy Paint,

Step 2

Pour your sugar cubes into a dish for easy access.

Step 3

Draw out the shape of your igloo. Try to get it a circle, you can use a plate or upside down cup. Don't forget a doorway.

Step 4

Put down a layer of glue along your igloo shape, and begin to build your igloo.

Step 5

When you start your second layer you want to build a little bit inwards so that eventually you're igloo will come together.

Step 6

Continue to build up and in, being careful. If you can stagger the cubes a bit it will be somewhat sturdier.

Step 7

At some point you'll need to let your layers dry. When we got to the forth layer we decided to let it rest for the night.

Step 8

As we added each additional layer, we let it dry overnight, using glue bottles and other household tools as props.

All Done!

When dry you can add to your Arctic scene by filling up the cardboard area. Maybe making an Inuit family, an ice fishing hole, various animals outside....it's up to you!


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