Eskimo Snow Goggles Project

SnowGogglesThese igloos are not only fun to build, they are sweet to the taste as well! the time to build a layer and give the igloo time to dry. the exact way to build an igloo, but my children had a blast. Older children can certainly try to use the methods explained in the book, and the video.


Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

inuitthought    igloo2     igloo1    Igloo3


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Show children photos of Inuit snow goggles. Ask them to compare them to the types of goggles they have seen or even used before.

Print out the snow goggle template and cut a piece of felt to match

Hold the felt up to your child's head and mark where you will need to cut the slits for them to see. Use sharp scissors to cut.

Measure the size of the child's head, and tie your string on either end of the goggles.

Decorate! These look really neat just plain too, but we look for any excuse to break out the puffy paint!

All Done!

Let your snow goggles dry, and then gear up for some igloo fort making fun! These are wonderful for pretend play.


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