Back to Homeschool Curriculum Discounts

Back to Homeschool Curriculum Discounts


If you’re like me you like to stretch every single penny with your homeschool curriculum.

Sometimes I’ll wait ALL year for a curriculum to go on sale just to save $2.50.  No Joke.

I even pass up the 16 cent spiral notebooks during the Back to School Sales, because I know we’ve got 65% of our pages left from last year. Our binders are tattered and worn, but if they still work they still work.

When I do buy school supplies I try to focus more on quality than quantity, and I look for resources I know will last through different seasons of our homeschool.

Almost half of my Curriculum is digital. I purchase many eBooks for their re-usability factor, and many online subscriptions that can be used with multiple children.

Investing in a Home Binding Machine was one of my smartest purchases for my classroom.  It takes me less that five minutes to print, punch and assemble a curriculum for my children, and provides me with options to switch things up as needed.

I also create many of my own resources and share them with our newsletter readers.

If you don’t already, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.  It’s free and it’s a great way to stay updated with our newest freebies and eBooks added to our curriculum store.

We also feature many exclusive offers from Top Homeschool Curriculum publishers.

Currently, our newsletter is featuring  50+ Deals on some of your favorite publishers at up to 89% off. 

There are products in Math, Language Arts, Science, Special Needs, Technology, Phonics, History, Geopgraphy, Art & Music and even All in One Curriculums.

You don’t want to miss these deals or the ones we have planned for our future newsletters.

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