Free Homeschool eBook

Free Homeschool eBook


If you are looking for encouragment during your homeschool journey, my friend Jamerill Stewart has an amazing resource to share with you today.

Hope for the Heart of the Homeschoom Mom  (Kindle Edition) is Free Today and Tomorrow (2/24/15-2/25/15)

“The pages of Hope for the Heart of the Homeschool Mom is a collection of encouragement to prayerfully strengthen your soul for this God-given journey. A journey that’s beyond stretching and beyond worth it.”

“Hope. Encouragement. Sanity. On any number of homeschooling days, I’ve needed all three. It’s not that homeschooling is an unwanted chore. Homeschooling my children is one of my greatest joys. It’s a privilege. I’m so incredibly blessed by this undertaking.

And I’m challenged. I’m pulled. I’m stretched. I’m growing. I’m finding my reheated coffee in the microwave at 2 p.m. wondering where the morning went. Trying hard to soak up the sweet and sacred moments with these souls and miss stepping on the Lego pile in the process.

Friend, I’m sure you’ve felt the same.”

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