Homeschool Art Curriculum

Homeschool Art Curriculum

Draw3dPinAs a kid I loved Art.

It was my favorite subject.

Besides Recess and P.E. of course.

Art is something I try to include in my homeschool curriculum every year, but it always seems to take the back seat when life gets busy.

(If you follow my blog you may notice that I post TONS of art projects over the Summer when we actually have time for art.  I call it Summer Art School)

Anyway, this year I found an amazing drawing curriculum that is ONLINE and requires NO help from me.

Let me repeat that.


I provided art journals, #2 pencils, and when asked a drawing stump.

But that was it.

I set up their username and password and let them be for a couple of weeks.  (i.e. Take it over Mark Kistler, this Mama is tired!)

Imagine my surprise when I picked up my daughter’s art journal and found this. (Continue Reading)


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