Hidden Whiteboard Giveaway!!

Hidden Whiteboard Giveaway!!

GiveawayLargePin2Today we have an AMAZING giveaway from The Hidden Whiteboard!!

This is one of my favorite products and it makes homeschooling in our dining room so much more versatile.

Previously I had a 4′ by 3′ whiteboard that was constantly driving my eyes batty when ever we sat down for a meal:




You can read my entire Review of The Hidden Whiteboard Here but it’s easy to see why I love it.  It contains the chaos by storing the whiteboard neatly out of sight.  I even got to choose what photo or artwork I placed in the frame.  (This is actually a print from a local artist here in Oregon)




Okay, so just for reference I paid $99.99 for my ugly whiteboard above which is 48 x 36.


The Hidden Whiteboard is available in different sizes and prices (This is the current pricing as of this post)

  • 21 x 11.5 accepts 8×10 photo (Retail $79, Sale: $59)
  • 27 x 15.5 accepts 11×14 photo (Retail $99, Sale $59)
  • 37 x 21.5 accepts 16×20 photo (Retail $129, Sale 99)    pictured above
  • 45 x 31.5 accepts 20×30 photo (Retail $169, Sale $119)


Plus when you purchase this week you can use the  coupon code: Crafty10 for 10% off




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