Homeschool Music with Ocarina Fundamentals

Homeschool Music with Ocarina Fundamentals

20140520_143438Is is just me or did this past year FLY right on by?

Are there pages left in your workbooks?  Curriculum unused or tossed aside?

Did you cover everything you wanted to?

Are you feeling guilty over the following subjects: Music, Art, PE, Foreign Language?

Well, don’t.


You made it through another year and everyone is still alive.

(That is what counts right?)

We all have curriculum that didn’t work, or things we just didn’t get to.

It’s homeschooling.  It’s real.  It’s life.

And there is always next year.


If you’re looking to get a head start in your curriculum planning, come read our review of Ocarina Fundamentals and check MUSIC off your to-do list.

Be warned, this is very easy to learn and a tad addicting.

Even for Mom.




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