Family Time Fitness: Homeschool P.E.

As a child I can remember trying ALL sorts of different physical activities in Gym Class.
Juggling, Unicycle, Three Legged Race, Wall-Ball, Four-Square, Square Dancing………
Oh how I loved Gym class…..
Tell me I’m not the only one!

I’m totally for recess and free play too,
but sometimes learning and participating in a planned activity can be just as (if not more) fun!

Especially for those of us with a competitive spirit.


Unfortunately, as a Homeschool P.E. Parent,
I’m not very good at “planned” physical activity.

Unless it involves planning to take my children to practice
where someone else teaches their own planned activity.

But even then, it isn’t very convenient
to spend twenty minutes dressing and loading up the children,
forty minutes drive time there and back,
and $8 in crazy gas prices
just to get in ONE hour of planned physical activity.

Spare minutes are hard to come by,
and I’m pretty stubborn about spending 60 of them just shuffling the children around.

So guess who has come to my rescue:

That’s Mike Hanik.

He has reached Homeschool Superhero Stardom as a co-owner
of an amazing Homeschool P.E. program called Family Time Fitness

family time fitness review

Family Time Fitness sent us a great package of P.E. curriculum they have bundled
together and called Fitness 4 Homeschool Core 1
What’s Included in FTF Homeschool Core 1:
The curriculum comes in a download format, so you can print out what you need or load it up on your tablet. I printed up the first two sections and bound them together, hoping that by the third section I would only need the summary pages.

Start Up Guide
(tips, assessments, and required equipment)

260 Preplanned Lessons for ages 4-13
(Warm-Up, Activity, Cool Down and Suggested Outdoor Activity total time 30-45min)

1 Page Summery:
(all the days activities on one page….LOVE THESE!)

Video Demonstrations
(over 200 examples of exercises, here’s a sample)

And More!
(Encouragment Emails, Online Webinars…)

Here are some Action Shots:

(the scooter was part of our relay race…don’t you just love the leg!)

What I like:
-Activities are easy to learn
-Activities are varied and entertining
-Minimal equipment required
-One Page Summary is great!!
-Cost $57 for an entire year, and can reuse again!

What I don’t like:

family time fitness

Family Time Fitness HS Core 1 Retails for $57
they offer other products that are worth checking out as well.
Basketball Sports Module
Foundational Strength Program for HighSchool

homeschool pe

If you aren’t currently teaching P.E. in your homeschool,
(as I wasn’t) Here are some articles to think about:

P.E. vs. Playtime
Physical Fitness and Anger Control

Discalimer: As part of the TOS Crew Review I received Family Time Fitness Core 1 for free in exchange for my honest opinion about the curriculum.  Affiliate links are used in this post.  Read what other Crew members thought about Family Time Fitness here.

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