Science Activities: The Brain!!

We’re continuing on with our Human Anatomy science lessons.
If you haven’t already seen our activities for SKIN you can check out this post here.

These past couple of weeks we’ve been learning about THE BRAIN!

printable brain activities

We made these amazing brain hats from

printable brain puzzle

We made our own brain puzzle to learn about the different lobes of the brain.

human anatomy crafts and activities

We made our own Electric Neurons

spinal cord craft for kids

And I made the kids an Egg Carton Spinal Cord to use as a visual,
As well as a variety of printable games and activities and charts:

label the brain game

human body printables

nervous system printables

jello brain mold

I even ordered a Brain Mold so we can make our own Jello brain!!

How fun will that be!

As usual I’ve posted all the files and photo tutorials for these activities on our main site,
You can find all our Brain/Nervous System crafts here.

And if you want to follow along with our Human Anatomy studies,
I’ll be posting links to each unit from this main page here.

UP Next: The EYE!!!

human body activities

Pssst: Did you see that Maureen from Spell Outloud is also teaching on Human Anatomy…..Lots of amazing science resources over there too, be sure to follow along!

New Graphic


  1. Very cool! We’ll start anatomy in January so I am looking these up. I can’t get the brain hats or Ellejmchenry links to work! WOuld love to know how to find those.

  2. The brain hats are on a website called

    Unfortunately it looks like her website is down for the moment, but it’s a large site and I’m sure she’ll have it up when she can. She has LOTS of other helpful resources too, so hopefully it’ll be up soon!

    In the meantime, I found another useful brain hat printable here, not the same but still pretty fun.

    Hope that helps.

    :) Valerie


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