Summer Reading Chart

I’m pretty sure it’s still Spring,
but this afternoon I whipped up these
Summer Reading Charts:

And before you start to accuse me of creating charts,
just for the sake of laminating them,
I’ll have you know that we take Summer Reading very….
VERY...seriously around here.
Not to mention that for the past two years
I have somehow misplaced my children’s charts…
Last year because we moved,
and the year before that because I had a baby

So Don’t Judge me. ;)

I already got a very STERN look from the librarian when I pleeded with her to take my word that the children did in fact complete their Summer Reading, even writing down all the Titles and Authors…..and that it was my fault completely and would she please let them choose a book to take home. Please….look at their little sad faces, they practically went blind with all the Summer Reading they did.

So as not repeat that this year, I decided I was going to get a bit more organized and actually make a chart that could be hung on the wall. My children’s wall. Making them responsible for keeping track of them. (You see where this is going right)


Anyway, after all that work,
making all those little boxes,
and adding in those adorable graphics
I of course decided that such a chart would last longer
If it was in fact laminated.

See. Win-Win.

Everyones Happy.

Go print your Chart and be Happy too!

New Graphic



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