Oh So Girly Giveaway: Winner Update!!

UPDATE: We have a Winner!

Comment #27 by Charlene, who said:

These are so cute!
Here are my picks: M31, F9, M32, M3, M41, S66, S65, S42

Thank you!

Congratulations Charlene, a $15 gift card at Oh So Girly will really go a long way!

Thanks to everyone for participating, and don’t forget to bookmark the site for when you need a fabulous and frugal gift (or for when you want to spoil your own little girl!)

Original Post Follows:

Last week a package arrived at my house.

I haven’t ordered anything online lately so I was a bit confused….

It had the correct address but it had a different name.


I looked at the return address, and it was from: “Oh So Girly”

Uh?………Really Strange?

I must admit that my insecurity curiosity got the better of me

And I opened it.

(Seriously, if a package like that came to your house tell me you wouldn’t open it…

Don’t lie…..”Oh SO Girly” could mean so many different things…..

Especially when it comes addressed to another woman.


Anyway, as I opened the package I was stunned by the most beautiful, (and innocent) contents:

Little Girls Hairbows

So after berating myself for my “gutter” of a mind, and mentally apologizing to my husband for whatever jealous fear was still lingering in my heart, I quickly tracked down the owner of Oh So Girly (Bridgette) and let her know that I mistakenly received her package.

Long story short, the bows have been delivered to their rightful owner, and Bridgette has offered to let me host a Giveaway to share all her beautiful bows with all of you.

(You see folks, Honesty Pays!)

(Even if you do commit a federal offense in the process)


On to the part that concerns you!

Bridgette is offering a $15 gift certificate towards any purchase of her
Oh So Girly creations

Which, if you take a second to check out the prices of her bows, you’ll soon realize that your $15 will stretch a long way.

Most of the bows on her site are priced from $1-$4

(from my experience, that is an Amazing deal!)

SO, anyway, I’ve been all over the Oh So Girly Website picking out my favorite bows, here are a couple of the ones I would choose:





So, if you want to win a nice set of hairbows for your little girl…..or your neighbors little girl…..or your cousins little girl…..or your miniature poodle who happens to be a boy, but you dress him like a girl…..read on:

How to Enter:
1. Go to the Oh So Girly Website and Pick out your favorite bow(s).
2. Come back here and leave a comment with which one(s) you would choose. (They have their own little codes next to the photos to make it easier)

Extra Entry:
1. Blog about this giveaway, and link up to this post. If you do this you can leave an extra comment below (just leave a link to show us where you blogged about it!)

Winner Announcements:

Winner will be chosen randomly on June 25th, We’ll announce the winner on this blog, so be sure and subscribe to our RSS feed. Winner will also be notified by email
(so make sure that your email address is up to date and correct in your comment)

And Seriously,
bookmark her website, you won’t find a better deal out there!

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  1. DD and I agreed on: L19, L5, L22, and S36 even though we both had lots of other faves on our lists!
    Thanks for letting us know about them!

  2. Oh I loooooove those ribbons. I must have a go at making some – some time. Congratulations on the pregnancy~!! Hope your labour is super easy and quick.

  3. The little bows at Oh so Girly. The ones that I really liked (and I know my granddaugher will love are: S4, L12, M43, S72, L23, M35, L19, L21, M40, L20, L15, L14, L6, L13, L10, L2, and L1. I know she would love them.

  4. I must admit I’ve ordered from her many times! My next batch will by the new ebu bows. I can not wait for my twins to get those bows in there hair.. of course I’ll be adding EOD badges in the center lol gotta show our support for our EOD based family.

    My grls are loving there L18 and S49 bows latley.. They are wearing the S49’s today!

    S4; s63; s61, s64, and a few flowers are on my shopping lists. The piggies are adorable though if anyone is looking but not sure!

  5. I love this Site and Her bows.
    I have a very prissy little girl so this is going to be a great place to buy for her.
    I love all of them but , S72, L6,L21,L22,F5, L19 our some of our favorites.
    Were both so excited about this giveaway and congrats,babies or blessings!!!

  6. Wow! they are so beautiful! this was extremelly hard to choose, but as soon as I saw S11, it won me over, I hope I win, and my little one can wear this for a wedding we have next month :) thanks

  7. These bows are divine!
    Some of my favorites are – S4, M43, S11, M25, X1, & S79.
    I also liked the headband – my little one doesn’t have enough hair to hold a clip yet. She could totally rock some of these bows on a headband.

  8. I really like all of the ‘S’ bows… and lots others too but I would have to choose S9 as the most practical for my little girl who needs to learn to be more girly.
    She is 21 months and today was the longest I have been able to to keep her pony tails in (30 mins). She looks soooo cute with two little ponies!!!! I am not giving up! Perhaps getting some ‘pretties’ in them mail will encourage her to be ‘pretty.’

    Thanks for the free be offer!

  9. Great prices! I’m having a little girl in about 6 weeks and can’t wait to put bows in her hair! I’d want the M2, M43, S731, L5, L23, L19, S60, L16……and the list goes ON AND ON!!

  10. So can I say SOOOOO CUTE!!!! It is too hard to choose, but I especially love (in no particular order) all the flowers, S44, L18, S11, L19, M35, M13, and the photo of the 5 month old in the piggy tails is so adorable!! I can wait until my DD has enough hair for pig tails!! I also love the idea of the headband…so simple I wish I thought of it.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful vendor and offering this giveaway! (pick us, pick us! LOL!!)


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